At the end of 2015, we started our co-operation with VELUX, one of the Europe’s biggest producers of windows. VELUX is also the official sponsor of the Polish national handball team, so we decided to take advantage of this and prepared two sales campaigns in Social Media:

  • A quiz which tested contestants’ knowledge of the sport of handball,
  • A photo contest in which contestants showed what they would be doing to cheer on Poland in the handball championships.

Both campaigns were heavily linked with the ongoing championship and their goal was to reinforce the online presence of the VELUX brand during the competition.

This is a perfect example of how to combine offline and online activities by taking advantage of a sports event to engage social media users by offering the most valuable prize possible in this context – some tickets to a national team match (given that those tickets were no longer available from the official distribution channels).

In this post, I’ll write only about the Quiz, which tested participants’ knowledge of the rules of the handball competition, as well as their knowledge of the Polish national team.

From the 27 available questions, our application displayed a random 10 questions to each participant. For example, users were asked about the size of a handball goal and which position Bartosz Jurecki plays in.

In addition, before even attempting the quiz, each user was asked to briefly describe in writing what he or she would be doing to cheer on the Polish national team at the European championships.

The jury chose the final winner from the group of users who answered correctly all 10 Quiz questions. And a very important element was the degree of creativity demonstrated in the answer to the open question.

A total of 380 answers were written so the jury was kept very busy. During the 12 days of the campaign, 1200 unique users visited the application. Looking at these numbers, you can see that we achieved a conversion rate at 30%. And this demonstrates how well the target audience was defined before running the campaign.

In my opinion, it is always crucial to target the right audience. This means targeting in a precise way a group of users who really share an interest in the campaign’s main theme.

To sum up:

The campaign that we created for VELUX clearly shows that social media channels are not a closed eco-system. As you can see from this example, Facebook-driven communication can and should be combined with offline activities. And this is especially true as all our applications are mobile friendly and can even be used during the course of a game / match :)

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