As e-commerce grows, so more and more customers are switching from offline to online shopping. Increasingly, physical shops are only a “showroom” where customers can see and touch products, and talk to a sales person. Whereas, the shopping process itself takes place online. As a result, businesses are looking for the best methods to grab customers’ attention, to have them visit their stores, to build loyalty and to increase sales.

Today I’d like to describe an interesting campaign which we took part in with the WebTalk interactive agency. Working with WebTalk, we created an Image Contest for the KAZAR brand, which produces high quality leather shoes and accessories.

The campaign was called “100 ideas for Spring”, and the aim was to engage more potential customers and bring them into one of Kazar’s physical stores. Therefore, users were invited to come into a Kazar shop, compose a photograph on the theme of spring and made up of Kazar’s products (shoes or handbags), and then post this picture using the Fanpoint application.

A total of ten winners were chosen by Dawid Wolinski, a fashion designer, trendsetter and jury member for the Top Model TV show.

Here are few statistics about the contest:

  • the contest was open to competitors for 25 days,
  • 2857 unique users visited the application 4922 times,
  • 244 photos were submitted,
  • the conversion rate of the application was 8.5%,
  • the busiest day was a Sunday when 100 entries were submitted.

The contest certainly achieved its goals, as Kazar succeeded in bringing more clients into their stores and in helping them get to know a wide range of new products. Clients’ engagement also improved in organic traffic in Social Media as the photos were posted on Facebook and Instagram.

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