Some time ago, we carried out a successful Facebook marketing campaign in cooperation with our partner, Viacom Media Networks. The campaign was run on the Comedy Central Facebook fanpage, and the main aim was to promote “The Big Bang Theory” sitcom.

For those who don’t already know the series, this is the story of five friends who live in Pasadena, CA. They are all completely different from each other in terms of their IQ, education, personality and approach to life. And it is this interaction which makes the series so interesting.

On the one hand, you get to see the life of geniuses working at the California Institute of Technology and, on the other hand, you meet a waitress who wants to become an actress. There’s also a Astro-physicist and an Aerospace Engineer

One of the recurring themes of the sitcom are the hobbies of the main characters, namely playing computer games, watching science-fiction movies and reading comic books.

As our application was to be installed into the Comedy Central and Dell fan pages, playing computer games as a hobby was chosen to be the main theme of this contest. In fact, Dell was the sponsor of the main prize in the the contest, a Dell Alienware notebook, a piece of equipment which is for serious players only!

Here are a few numbers which show the level of user engagement during the campaign:

  • Over 20 000 unique users visited the application with a total of 34 000 separate visits.
  • Users were most active and the most entries were added mainly on Thursdays at approximately 6 pm.
  • A jury (consisting of three members) chose the winner from the group of users who gained more than 20 votes during the campaign.

The contest was aimed at an audience who were interested in new technologies and science-fiction. The movie which was created to promote the contest was added to both the Comedy Central website and FB fanpage (with 15 000 views). A commercial advertising spot also appeared on the Comedy Central channel with the aim of encouraging users to take part in Facebook contest.

Viacom’s well thought out strategy was professionally implemented, and is an excellent example of how to combine different channels so as to reach the maximum audience. In this example, the different communication funnels all met at the Facebook app which we created specially for that purpose.

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